Our mission is simple: Simplify the job search

Our values are clear


Breaking the barriers of bias in today's job market

Access to jobs with quality-pay and benefits shouldn't require luck or a specific background.


Walking with you for every step of the way

You will never feel like another resume in a stack here at Ramped - even after you land that amazing job.


Teaching you what you actually need to know for your dream job

Our content library is always evolving based on feedback from professionals and hiring companies.


Treating everyone with the respect and support they deserve

We are here to lead the way towards making the job search process more inclusive and welcoming to everyone.

Built by job seekers for job seekers

We know it's hard to land interviews. Whether its your 1st job or your 5th, we are here to help.
Headshot of Manoj Jonna
Manoj Jonna
Co-Founder + CEO
Headshot of Danny Leonard
Danny Leonard
Co-Founder +
Head of Sales
Headshot of Mitch DeForest
Mitch DeForest
Co-Founder +
Head of Product
Headshot of Ben Grant
Ben Grant
Head of Growth

A letter from the ramped team

We've spammed our resumes all over the internet. Spent months interviewing for jobs we never got. Felt the frustration, the stress, and the anxiety of searching for the "perfect job". Or just any job...
The job search shouldn't be this hard..... And yet it is. We created Ramped to change things. With Ramped, anyone can try a career, learn job skills, skip months of interviewing, and land their dream job. And with Ramped, companies can provide an accessible interview experience that emphasizes skills and capability over resumes and accolades.
We've already helped 10k+ people land jobs. And our team is working tirelessly to deliver a new job search to you and to the millions of job seekers that will come after you.
We look forward to going on this journey with you.